The Fallen riders Erie Chapter Mission
The mission of the Fallen Riders Memorial Fund Erie County is to provide assistance to families of Erie County Pennsylvania who show need when a family member is a victim of a fatal motorcycle accident. The FALLEN RIDERS MEMORIAL FUND was created to give IMMEDIATE financial assistance to these families, after they have lost a loved one in a motorcycle accident while riding any licensed street legal 2 or 3 wheeled motorcycle.
The money we are able to give to these families will help them with bills, buy food or to help cover some of the funeral, or medical expenses of their lost loved one, these funds are raised by having charity fund raising events, and from individual charitable donations. It is open to all riders regardless of whether club affiliated or not.

FALLEN RIDERS MEMORIAL FUND ® is a 501-C3 Non-profit charity
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This fund was created by bikers to help bikers families with immediate financial assistance who lose a loved one in a motorcycle accident. This is a true non-profit (501-C3) organization that is funded solely by generous donations from individuals, businesses and clubs.

All the proceeds and funds raised by The Fallen Riders Memorial fund go to helping those left behind. The Executive Director and board members volunteer their time, and are not compensated. The money donated to this fund will be given to families of fallen riders in their respective states! We hope you will adopt our Memorial Fund as one of the charities you chose to support.